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An Oregon Criminal Conviction has many negative consequences for your life. Many people live with these consequences forever, not knowing there is a quick and inexpensive solution to clearing their Oregon Criminal Conviction from their record.

Perhaps there is a criminal conviction somewhere in your past. Maybe you think it was just a minor crime and you served your sentence and felt you could just move on with your life. Unfortunately, in our current society, the reality is that a criminal conviction follows you everywhere, however minor. You may think expunging your criminal conviction is not worth your time, money, and effort. In the digital age criminal background checks are increasingly more commonplace and consequential to your life. Criminal convictions can affect future job and financial prospects, housing options, professional licenses, educational opportunities, and can often carry a lifelong stigma of shame. Our clients express a great sense of relief after gaining an expungement and closure to a frustrating chapter in their lives. Many of our clients see it as a new beginning.

At Oregon Expungement Lawyers we are committed to helping you clear a path to a better future. We have the legal experience and dedication to guide you on this new path. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you clean your criminal record and help you move forward in life. Your success is our success.